Animal Control


   While the Town of Grant has an ordinance prohibiting owners allowing dogs to run at large within the city limits, the Town does not operate an animal shelter. (This ordinance does not govern cats).

   Ordinance No. 28 (as Amended by Ordinance No 216) imposes fines for violation of the Town of Grant Animal Control Ordinance. Owners may be fined no less than $60.00 and no more than $100.00 for violating the animal control ordinance.
   Anyone who deliberately drops a dog in the town limits of the Town of Grant is subject to fines no less than $250.00 and no more than $500.00, plus court costs.


   Ordinance No. 212 of the Town of Grant outlines the following procedures with regard to dogs:

  1. Any dog running at large will be picked up and impounded for a period of not less than seven (7) days.

  2. Upon impoundment the animal control officer shall attempt to identify and notify the owner of the dog through:

    1. Rabies vaccination tag

    2. Scanning performed at Grant Animal Clinic

    3. Posting photo of the dog for seven (7) days, along with the telephone number for town hall, at various locations within the town including, but not limited to Town Hall, Post Office and Grant Animal Clinic

  3. Prior to the owner picking up their dog, the impoundment fee must first be paid at Town Hall. The fee will be:

    1. $10.00 for the first day

    2. $5.00 for each additional day of impoundment

  4. If the dog is not claimed by its owner by the close of business on the seventh (7th) day of impoundment, any interested party may adopt the dog through Town Hall.

  5. If the dog is not claimed by the owner or other party by close of business on the seventh (7th) day of impoundment, the dog is to be transported to Guntersville Animal Hospital and euthanized.

  6. The owner of dogs running at large within the Town of Grant, Alabama may be held in violation of Ordinance No 28 of the Town of Grant.



There are currently no dogs in the town kennel.

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